Friday, 14 December 2012


Packing up to leave for another abode up the road. Memories become visual when opening things that are looked at every day but are only touched every 6 years… before vanishing into the shiny black reticule that begins its journey to somewhere I don't particularly care about.

Online updates within the 140 bracket seem to result in a long pause between sick content. Even though my head is constantly operational, frequency leans in the favour of little and often. These gatherings from inside are more pleasurable though. Aiming to withdraw in a semi step back fashion, reducing use of the bird while still very much keeping the wings spread.

Settling within the mind is something that happens in time, wisdom and experience seem appealing but impossible in the current. Short fuse thoughts and knee jerk decisions create the unreliable out of control character in comparison with what years bring us. Interesting how that happens to most.

Friday, 7 December 2012


Posted a tweet. It seemed appropriate timing for regeneration from a short break.


Working to Jazz proves difficult. The genre is a production of breath taking sounds, yet concentration cascades if not wired in to the sounds of a 128BPM beat.

Unclear whether the "house university work system" I once donned has been fastened to my creative work flow because that's what I've always done, but it's certain that if it's not happening, the conclusion revolves around an agitated lack of work pleasure.

It seems I have a mentally irregular way of going about focus, considering how many crave a silence / calming ambiance in order to pay a full level of attention.

Having regular mental plumbing isn't an attribute that's going to create something that makes people look twice though is it.

Tonight tonsils become disconnected from the anatomy. Not mine though.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

_Cam Colour.

I'm a fan of Navy and black. Old camcorder footage is a beauty in itself. Going to try something, hoping all elements are accessible.

_Serious Jazz.

I have a new found love in jazz. Makes me feel like a member of Ocean's 11. Interested as to whether it will influence the way I conjecture. Spontaneous self sub re-branding and an acting debut are also recent incidents.

In memory of the late Dave Brubeck, attention to previous creative resonance is in full swing. Might start wearing a suit everywhere until my encephalon switches back to urban mode, listening to less sophisticated racket.

Considering changing what S10NBA is about slightly. Just like Sick Boy, Inc. Might not though.

Don't take yourself too seriously. Chances are people will want to spend time sharing a pint with the guy that will dance around in his boxers in full confidence rather than the one who didn't.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Recent letter collection absorption — Eat right, exercise regularly and die anyway.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

_Aesthetic Entrance.

Calculating a conclusion to the entrance of what's mine. Purely aesthetic. Image or type, maybe both. Concept of functionality is clear, yet how it will be perceived resumes undecided. Possessing the habit of creating too quickly causes loss of creative concepts in outcomes, unfortunately causing a lack of creative work flow in the rushed time period of quick work. Measure twice, cut once. True in more ways than one.

Friday, 30 November 2012


H2O. Sustance with 0 hue and lack of relish but the capability to create cravings within tropical surroundings. These are mannerisms that are sometimes found in individuals. Today's surroundings are arctic. Coat was kept on longer than usual however creativity progresses.

_Sharing a Journey?

When pictures of the road are captured, examination is shared with thousands. Foundations laid on a clockwork routine.

Curiosity of whether others see what I see when the clicker is clicked is visible.

Every still is different but still the same.

When others are revealed to what I expose as a claim to personal perspective, does it still look the same?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

_Years Change.

This was taken a few years back. If it had been posted on the day it was taken, I wonder what would be with these words now.

_Contradicting Servers.

Tumblr hype has been about for time. I do have one myself but its a different kettle of fish. Not a blog of jigsawed letters but storage of perspective aesthetics. Thoughts of shifting Sick content to tumblr servers made an appearance, but logic is pointless. Reasoning fuelled by hype makes individuals second rate versions of others rather than first rate versions of themselves. Completely contradicting the concept of the human race evolving into what it is now. Expressing individualism through others work is another contradiction. When hype is based on contradiction there must be a word that defines it in the dictionary. If not, I'll bring it upon myself to claim discovery and call it nothing.

_Cliché Curtains.

Too much blue is butters. My curtains situation just hit a new level of indecisiveness. Orange and blue. Just like the cliché Hollywood film poster design trend.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


All at 140 bar one drop to 132.5. More creative exploration through sound.Middle School Garage. It's not as pretentious as New School Garage and isn't as urban as Old School Garage. It sits nicely in the bracket of middle class garages with tools and tea pots as refer-ed to in a previous post.
See my Pete aesthetic. Read my words. Hear my sounds:

Middle School Garage.


 I have insomnia. At what level I could not tell you as I'm not an expert. Nights are sleepless. Eyes are stinging. Look like shit. Mind still working overtime on everything that is different to everything that's the same.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

_Risky Festive Business.

Yesterday welcomed an inquiry about the next installment of #TearingTrax. Yesterday also positioned the decision that Christmas reverberations would be garage.

#TearingTrax will take a Garage twist for the festive season.

Don't question a man's choice without knowing his story.

Risky Festive Business.

Monday, 26 November 2012

_Middle School Garage.

Christmas reverberation is Garage to me. Not New School but not Old School either. Middle School Garage. The kind that holds lots of tools, Old Carpets, Tea Pots and Vintage Cars. Bare Bass.

Friday, 23 November 2012

_100,000 Sheets.

If you took a 100,000 sheets of paper, and laid them all end to end, side by side, on a football pitch, and you kicked a football, at random, as hard as you could… There would almost be an infinite possibility that the ball would not land where the ball landed. But the ball has to land somewhere…

So the fact that we've ended up here, with two eyes, one mouth, a nose and ears, it's not really strange.

The fact that we are talking about it, means that we are here, and we could have just as easily evolved to have green skin, and only communicate via infer red.

So it's not actually amazing how we've all, (as a human race), ended up the way we are.

The origin of the above thoughts weren't originally fabricated inside my cranium, but because they now find themselves in there, I now have ownership over them.

Possession is nine tenths of the law.

_New Data.

Data design. The early Apple kind. It's probable it will become my new thing.

_Choreographed Absence.

Physical & Virtual inquiries relating to my 140 character absence. Interesting.

Unlike DR.Who I will not pretend that profile re-generation is unachievable.

For now I attempt to find subconscious addictions in something else.

While studying a man dancing in a field, oblivious to the eyes fixed on his activities, I'm confident subconscious addiction won't take the form in the kind of movements I've just witnessed. Although it would be fascinating to see how difficult doing the moon walk in wellies actually is.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Jean-Paul Sartre said this. I'm trying to understand it. Or better still get my own take on it. It's not something that I will put a 100% concentration into. It is however something that will think about for a while. Little and often. Hell is other people.

_Killing Cats.

The cliché thought of Les Dennis murdering kittens, doesn't seem unimaginable.

An inappropriate voice planted that seed directly in my cerebrum through white and green MOS ear cover-res today.

_Virtual bird Cakes.

My judgement of online bird profiles and self obsession has been proven correct while additionally taking an inaccurate stance.

Interaction due to query of my silence doubted my initial evaluation, while a comment of complete obliviousness from another put my analysis in a  strong accurate position.

Days are young. Tonight there will be Fish Cakes on the kitchen table.

_Always Something better.

Un-even whiskers seem to be a what my face is doing recently. It could be due to concentration of my mind being on almost everything but appearance. Reflections that cause stomach-churn's create instant on the spot action, calling upon Clasemont Road communication to salvage the vanity I posses, until I let it all happen again.

Simple understanding of the growth concept makes me aware that constant grooming for baby bum smoothness is necessary. Yet finding myself responsible for this is an unrealistic idea.

My coach told me once that he feels there is always something better to do than sleep. I have the same outlook about shaving.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

_Opposite Percentage.

A shift of location is on the horizon, and timing is exemplary. Being among a larger percentage of she's than he's has been an examination of my capabilities to leave a life of personal space behind, while being reunited with a heavy dose of cabin fever.

Experience of living with outnumbering females should prove valuable from my time in Cardiff, but family relation to the opposite creates a whole new league of the space sharing game.

I'll feel for my father after I leave, as the outnumbering will increase rapidly, potentially causing a mid-life crisis in which he will buy a boat and sail to Morocco to search for the ultimate rug. Only time will tell whether my psychological diagnosis is accurate.

It could be, that the females in this household have caused me to think the way I do. Instead of being ordinary, now my thoughts revolve around fracturing elements of reality and everyday life into segments of nothing, until questioning their existence seems plausible.

Fuel for this current moment is the unknown female sibling that extracts the towel from the bathroom without replacing it, obstructing the routine of one's after piss hand wash.

It would seem that the past now has my concentration. This gives me full confidence in the calculation that I am not currently in the moment that is the here and now. Yet I feel that non-fiction 'creative writing' has proven positive in today's exploration of creativity.

_Re-inserting the succeeded.

Microscopic edible content, wrapped within larger packets are intolerable. The festive season always provides the token tin of chocolates filled with old wrappers. Whether it's a laziness possessed by the consumer or a deliberate inner darkness that produces a sick rush for the 'Re-insert-er', the frustration sits on the same level for the effected.

Avoiding an amplification of dishonesty requires I explain that I'm guilty of re-inserting, which only causes a frustration towards myself. Another situation in which I am my own worst enemy.

Analyzing my behavior this week has proven effective in the understanding that my re-inserting habits are fueled by laziness. My pistachio nut packet has become increased with the weight of shells rather than a collection of moreish tastes.

It's not about what hasn't been done, it's about what has succeeded. Obviously this theory isn't enough for Abramovich. Dismissing Di Matteo from a former position of over-all success, is an act of a dark re-insert-er.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

_John Morrison.

As the season builds a high expectancy on the advertising front has left me with a disappointed beginning to the end. This year's John Lewis advert is butters. Over thinking the concept caused brief thoughts of murderous snow men with evil twig hands. Currently considering whether the advert has touched a subconscious nerve I'm not physically aware of.

Morrisons are miles off the blood thirsty wavelength. Festive stresses being a key ingredient to their marketing success. Making reality an emotion that the target audience all equally relate to.

Self planted seeds have caused a growth in ideas for our festive sting. Getting everyone to sing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' individually seems improbable though. For now, I'll keep salvaging in a process of creating beauty, until concentration on festive problem solving takes full priority.

_Phone Boxes & Noise.

Apparently Hull only have Cream phone boxes and no Red ones. There's a Red one in someones front garden by where I live. Thoughts of larceny have grown inside my head mainly due to fascination of how the unlawful act would be committed.

Last weekend was about animating 3D spheres, producing racket and being with myself. 3D didn't go as initially intended but salvaging things and making them beautiful seems to be what I'm about at the minute. Got compared to Baloo from Jungle Book while exhibiting experimental noise to one of my harsher critics, and being with myself only created more thoughts and queries of unimportant nonsense about life and my attempt at finding creativity in pointless shit.

Monday, 19 November 2012

_Bon Voyage.

Withdrawn myself from the online bird for a little while as I feel it's become an unnecessary habit that's created a slight addiction. In my own mind where the world revolves around me, I will be missed and people will wonder how I cease to be visible more than 20 times a day through a 140 characters. In actual fact the usual online profiles I find myself in daily interactions with, are just as self obsessed as me, which makes it hard for them to realise a change in anyone else bar themselves. A solid figured following is something that I can't claim to be familiar with, as my thoughts work in shifts of the content I decided to write about. This causes an interest in content to clash, gaining a rise and fall in profile interest. If I were to have a head scan, the encephalopathy stills would reveal neatly divided sections of interests, with the highest percentage number being taken up by my worries.
My advice for this week is to listen to Ill Manors before watching the film. Visually seeing the sounds that have already been cached in your head makes the experience slightly more pleasurable than having the whole experience revealed in one sitting.

Friday, 16 November 2012


Back in the studio being creative for multiple sectors. Strap has come off my fingers as the feeling of claustrophobia between the offensive and the committing became too much. A fist is something that seems on the horizon, which is further than first anticipated.

It seems festivity is covering ground at a rapid pace with my mind drawing a blank at Christmas promotion for the agency.

Ate too many Honey Roasted Peanuts this morning. I can feel my usual lunchtime hunger being batted off by the glazed metabolism boosters. I must learn to find the balance between indulgence and starvation.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


It took 12 minutes to come to terms with losing everything on my iPad, until I found out that all the components had been backed up. Don't know if I'm happy or sad. Having the opportunity to start fresh with a clean iPad was appealing after 12 minutes of disappointment. Now that I have all my content back, my outlook on the disaster has changed.

Those who've stopped thinking do what they've always done.

The reality of the situation is, I'll back everything up on to this laptop and place it in a folder that I probably won't ever open again. Then I'll clean my iPad and start it fresh, because I think too much to do what I've always done.

This puts perspective on how treasured all the elements on my iPad actually are to me. What was I so angry and upset about? Was it the actual loss of data into a Tron like universe that I'll never have access to, or the danger that it might cause a minor inconvenience to me in the future.

I ate eggs and sausage for breakfast today, and eggs and sausage for tea. Neither of the servings were particularly delectable. Today obviously wasn't a day for an egg and sausage combination.

Monday, 12 November 2012


Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom is doing.

_The Long Wait.

Sat in a waiting room observing others injuries, trying not to get caught staring. No one knows what happened to cause the breaks, and wounds except the people themselves, and the family or friends around them. A room full of interesting stories never to be told. Stories are always more interesting when they involve people getting hurt, that's why films like Taken make millions.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

_6 weeks.

Arm is elevated and finger strapped. Comfort in typing is minimal, with pace being a large torment. Speed beats power is true in more ways than one. Without speed the world would be a very different place. Just like the race of speed that science has with political senselessness, if one didn't posses the ability to overtake the other, who knows what kind of position I'd be typing this in.

Saturday, 10 November 2012


There's never nothing going on. When looking for a clear mind, the past is a starting point. Nothing can be done to change the past, it's completely out of anyone's control. Thinking about the past, takes attention and concentration. Analyzing the future also creates a situation that siphons all concentration and attention from what actually matters.

"Take out the trash."

The 'Trash" is is anything that's keeping you from the only thing that matters. This current moment, Here, Now. When you find yourself with a mind clear enough to embrace this moment you will be amazed at what you can do and how well you can do it.

I've gone from "200MB available" to "73.02GB available" in less than 24 hours, and I'm still not quite there.

Friday, 9 November 2012


The reinvention of Sick Boy, inc. goes hand in hand with the reinvention of this Macbook Pro.

_Eventual —understanding.

I saw a picture on the internet of a design studio in London with the sign 'You'll get it eventually' in their window.

I've found myself repeating this phrase a lot recently, partly because I like how it sounds, as it gives off a perception of superior understanding, and partly because people genuinely will understand… eventually.

My latest project has physically drained me of energy and money, but strangely hasn't been able to take complete priority in everyday life.

It's this project that people have been most interested in, and have regularly wanted an update on how my work in progress is going. So much interest from others in my own personal work isn't something I'm very used to, especially when the interested gain nothing from it.

Everything I have done in this project I've done because I want to, and because I can, and no one can do anything about it.

I've raised plenty of eye brows, received a generous amounts of sarcastic comments, as well as being the center of the jokes from a number of different people. For a person to do these things, they are 'projecting', a behavioral disorder that people possess due to frustration that someone is not doing things the way they would like it to be done… some what similar to that of a Sociopath's profile.

It is only now that people are starting to understand what I'm doing. You'd think I'd feel smug that I was correct in taking a costly risk and others now find themselves swallowing their words and changing their silent facial expressions, but ironically, the less the phrase 'You'll get it eventually' is used the happier I get that my views are shared.


It's been a long time since I have stepped into the Sick Boy persona and spread the hollow eyed views on Sick design across the internet, but that doesn't mean I haven't been here.

I've checked back more than once just to look at the picture of the 'Closed' sign on the top of the page. I wondered how would be best to return, when would be best to return, and even whether I should return at all.

Finding creativity in more than just design has been crucial in my expansion of knowledge in the industry, and as a person. I wonder whether I am mad sometimes with the thoughts that go on inside my head. The sometimes controversial sometimes pointless tweets I post often make me wonder, what am I actually on about - but the truth is, I don't really give a shit.

I work hard to get what I want and I try my best to be nice to people, I attempt to absorb the smallest of moments as I begin to understand how big the world actually is in perspective to one person with a small collection of thoughts. I sometimes find myself taking a philosophical approach to thinking in order to get a different result of thoughts from the norm.

I could of made this first Sick Boy post about a cool designer I saw on the internet this one time, but I feel the need to re-invent Sick Boy, not in the sense of changing what Sick Boy is about, but more in the sense of expanding what Sick Boy is about in greater depths…

After all, one is not creative if one does not cover multiple forms of creativity.