Tuesday, 13 November 2012


It took 12 minutes to come to terms with losing everything on my iPad, until I found out that all the components had been backed up. Don't know if I'm happy or sad. Having the opportunity to start fresh with a clean iPad was appealing after 12 minutes of disappointment. Now that I have all my content back, my outlook on the disaster has changed.

Those who've stopped thinking do what they've always done.

The reality of the situation is, I'll back everything up on to this laptop and place it in a folder that I probably won't ever open again. Then I'll clean my iPad and start it fresh, because I think too much to do what I've always done.

This puts perspective on how treasured all the elements on my iPad actually are to me. What was I so angry and upset about? Was it the actual loss of data into a Tron like universe that I'll never have access to, or the danger that it might cause a minor inconvenience to me in the future.

I ate eggs and sausage for breakfast today, and eggs and sausage for tea. Neither of the servings were particularly delectable. Today obviously wasn't a day for an egg and sausage combination.

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