Wednesday, 21 November 2012

_Opposite Percentage.

A shift of location is on the horizon, and timing is exemplary. Being among a larger percentage of she's than he's has been an examination of my capabilities to leave a life of personal space behind, while being reunited with a heavy dose of cabin fever.

Experience of living with outnumbering females should prove valuable from my time in Cardiff, but family relation to the opposite creates a whole new league of the space sharing game.

I'll feel for my father after I leave, as the outnumbering will increase rapidly, potentially causing a mid-life crisis in which he will buy a boat and sail to Morocco to search for the ultimate rug. Only time will tell whether my psychological diagnosis is accurate.

It could be, that the females in this household have caused me to think the way I do. Instead of being ordinary, now my thoughts revolve around fracturing elements of reality and everyday life into segments of nothing, until questioning their existence seems plausible.

Fuel for this current moment is the unknown female sibling that extracts the towel from the bathroom without replacing it, obstructing the routine of one's after piss hand wash.

It would seem that the past now has my concentration. This gives me full confidence in the calculation that I am not currently in the moment that is the here and now. Yet I feel that non-fiction 'creative writing' has proven positive in today's exploration of creativity.

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