Friday, 9 November 2012

_Eventual —understanding.

I saw a picture on the internet of a design studio in London with the sign 'You'll get it eventually' in their window.

I've found myself repeating this phrase a lot recently, partly because I like how it sounds, as it gives off a perception of superior understanding, and partly because people genuinely will understand… eventually.

My latest project has physically drained me of energy and money, but strangely hasn't been able to take complete priority in everyday life.

It's this project that people have been most interested in, and have regularly wanted an update on how my work in progress is going. So much interest from others in my own personal work isn't something I'm very used to, especially when the interested gain nothing from it.

Everything I have done in this project I've done because I want to, and because I can, and no one can do anything about it.

I've raised plenty of eye brows, received a generous amounts of sarcastic comments, as well as being the center of the jokes from a number of different people. For a person to do these things, they are 'projecting', a behavioral disorder that people possess due to frustration that someone is not doing things the way they would like it to be done… some what similar to that of a Sociopath's profile.

It is only now that people are starting to understand what I'm doing. You'd think I'd feel smug that I was correct in taking a costly risk and others now find themselves swallowing their words and changing their silent facial expressions, but ironically, the less the phrase 'You'll get it eventually' is used the happier I get that my views are shared.

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