Wednesday, 21 November 2012

_Re-inserting the succeeded.

Microscopic edible content, wrapped within larger packets are intolerable. The festive season always provides the token tin of chocolates filled with old wrappers. Whether it's a laziness possessed by the consumer or a deliberate inner darkness that produces a sick rush for the 'Re-insert-er', the frustration sits on the same level for the effected.

Avoiding an amplification of dishonesty requires I explain that I'm guilty of re-inserting, which only causes a frustration towards myself. Another situation in which I am my own worst enemy.

Analyzing my behavior this week has proven effective in the understanding that my re-inserting habits are fueled by laziness. My pistachio nut packet has become increased with the weight of shells rather than a collection of moreish tastes.

It's not about what hasn't been done, it's about what has succeeded. Obviously this theory isn't enough for Abramovich. Dismissing Di Matteo from a former position of over-all success, is an act of a dark re-insert-er.

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