Monday, 19 November 2012

_Bon Voyage.

Withdrawn myself from the online bird for a little while as I feel it's become an unnecessary habit that's created a slight addiction. In my own mind where the world revolves around me, I will be missed and people will wonder how I cease to be visible more than 20 times a day through a 140 characters. In actual fact the usual online profiles I find myself in daily interactions with, are just as self obsessed as me, which makes it hard for them to realise a change in anyone else bar themselves. A solid figured following is something that I can't claim to be familiar with, as my thoughts work in shifts of the content I decided to write about. This causes an interest in content to clash, gaining a rise and fall in profile interest. If I were to have a head scan, the encephalopathy stills would reveal neatly divided sections of interests, with the highest percentage number being taken up by my worries.
My advice for this week is to listen to Ill Manors before watching the film. Visually seeing the sounds that have already been cached in your head makes the experience slightly more pleasurable than having the whole experience revealed in one sitting.

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