Friday, 14 December 2012


Packing up to leave for another abode up the road. Memories become visual when opening things that are looked at every day but are only touched every 6 years… before vanishing into the shiny black reticule that begins its journey to somewhere I don't particularly care about.

Online updates within the 140 bracket seem to result in a long pause between sick content. Even though my head is constantly operational, frequency leans in the favour of little and often. These gatherings from inside are more pleasurable though. Aiming to withdraw in a semi step back fashion, reducing use of the bird while still very much keeping the wings spread.

Settling within the mind is something that happens in time, wisdom and experience seem appealing but impossible in the current. Short fuse thoughts and knee jerk decisions create the unreliable out of control character in comparison with what years bring us. Interesting how that happens to most.

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