Saturday, 16 April 2011

Peacock Design (Day 5)

Day 5

Today was my last day and I went all out in an attempt to finish my set brief before I left.
As soon as I arrived there was a DVD of assets waiting for me in the studio to work with. (They had been provided by the product managers over night.) This made a huge difference to my work flow and made it possible for me to do everything that was needed to be done before I headed back to Wales.
Due to some assets that still haven't been provided yet, the project is still waiting for some audio and a couple of stills to be dropped in, but other than that it is ready to be submitted to the BACC early next week, ready for clearance before getting broadcast on television.
After work I finished my week in London by going for a meal and then a late night session on the XBOX, trying my best to beat Ali on Fight Night Champion... I tried my best with a selection of boxers from Calzaghe to Tyson (in his prime), but I still couldn't beat him... Eventually he beat me virtually and physically, as I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and had to throw in the towel for bed... I WILL beat him though, my time will come!
I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this week, I've learned loads and my understanding of working in this industry, out of the comfort zone of Wales has expanded. I hope to take back the things I've learned this week and expand on them further.
My aim for this past week was to get stuck in straight away, be helpful within the studio and leave behind a good impression when finishing, I hope I ticked all the boxes and completed my list... Thank you to everyone at Peacock for making me feel welcome and giving me the opportunity to work on some of the projects that I did, I had a boom ting week and a great laugh in and outside the studio!

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