Sunday, 10 April 2011

225 Macintosh Place

For my 'SSP' (Student Set Project) I wrote myself a brief that would challenge my creative abilities as well as the communication problem of revealing the stereotypical male student house, housing 6 different characters from different backgrounds.
After thorough research into each character it was clear to see I had to reveal the different relationships between each housemate as well as the group dynamics and how 6 different characters from different backgrounds have all come together to form a strong bond while living together throughout their time in university.
My answer to the brief was to create a fly on the wall type documentary with a twist, by including narration and animation as well as the natural footage caught on camera during the production of the project throughout, to give a sense of wit and emotion whether it be happy or sad.
I'm happy with my final outcome and had great fun making this project, even if it did get tricky at times I put it all down to experience.
Feedback and peoples thoughts would be much appreciated.

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