Thursday, 14 April 2011

Peacock Design (Day 4)

Day 4:

Today I was the first in and last out of the studio, and I began to feel the pressure a little bit, but it didn't worry me, it gave me more of a buzz! The current brief I'm working on goes live next week and I've been handed the responsibility of more or less creating the final outcome that will go on National TV! The editors upstairs were cutting the footage, the producers next door were on the phone getting last minute assets and I was animating the whole thing. I'm really chuffed that I've been trusted with this and it has boosted my confidence with work in general. Of course, I'm always asking second opinions and often being guided by others experience but that's what being a creative is about, and it was today that I felt like part of the team, being involved with the project.
After work I met up for a drink with Andy Niven my good friend (and star of my internet blockbuster - 225 Macintosh Place... "AWWWW! MY CHINOS!!!")...
He is also currently working up here. It was great to see he was enjoying his work placement and from our exchange of exciting stories it sounds like we have been doing very similar things throughout the week. Our main topic of discussion throughout the night was how much we love London and how it's the place to be. It's my last day tomorrow and I will be sad to leave, but I'm very eager to get back to the studio and do a really good job on this final brief so when I do leave, I leave behind a good impression.

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