Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Big Idea

For my last ever project on the BA Graphic Communication course, I was given a word, and with that word I had to create something big - So I did. Literally.
My chosen word was 'Professional', so after researching into the word and breaking it down with multiple mind maps, I then came up with the concept of 'The 4 states of mind within Professional', those being 'Professional', 'Not Professional', 'Unprofessional' & 'Private'. My next steps where to create a narrative that would explain these different mind states, and I felt the best way to do so was to create a fictional character that would explain his 4 states of mind to an audience. My aim was for this to be projected on to a big screen using the mixture of print and animation formats. This was a risk because it wasn't something I could check was working through the work process, instead I had to wait until all the hard work was done i.e animation and expensive printing, before seeing if it was an effective outcome. When it finally came to projecting it, it was a success which has been given great feedback so far, including "Creepy but very enjoyable!" and "Weirdly 3D, but not...".
I'm happy with what I produced in my presentation on Thursday as I feel I had once again set myself the challenge that was to challenge my creative abilities while at the same time producing a piece of work that spoke for itself.

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