Friday, 13 August 2010

The Family

Half way through my holiday in Majorca I decided to make my second film.
I didn't try to make it funny or serious, I didn't really try to make it anything, I just used what I had out there and pieced it together when I got home. The only thing I went by was that it was going to be the same style as my first one.
I also wanted to make one with all my family members in because it will be a nice thing to look back on it in a few years time.
If I were to give a description on this film it would be a family holiday video done without any cheesy music and lots of fading transitions. It's a raw intake into how the Rees family spent their week in Majorca, having a great time and relaxing in the sun.
Now that this one is done I wont be making another one in this style, I want to think of something new (but still documentary).
Hope you enjoy.

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