Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I'm having a slightly mad design moment at the moment.
I want to do all these things, and I want to do them right away, which means I'm rushing my work and then I'm screwing myself over.
I've recently come up with a character to go with Sick Boy, and I think I like him, I want to love him, but because I want to finish him so quickly he isn't getting designed to his full potential.
So I've come up with this post, I'm going to chuck a load of screen grabs up here, with everything I'm working on at the moment, and I'm going to put my blog back the way it was before I came up with my little sick boy, and I'm going to quietly work on him until I love him, then it will be done.
I understand that my problem is that I have trouble finishing my designs, because I feel I can never quite get to the end, which makes me want to finish them more, which then causes me to like them for a matter of 5 minutes before hating them.
It's a habit I'm trying to grow out of, and I really hope I will soon.

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