Sunday, 20 June 2010


It's meant to be raw, choppy, low quality, comical and a little bit arty.
I took my sisters little Fujifilm Finepix camera, made a list of questions and interviewed 4 different people to record their reactions and answers.
I had good fun making it and that's what this little self set project was about - having a laugh and experimenting with stuff.
Hope you like it.


James Robert Cox said...

tidy! i think the poster makes it!

Anonymous said...

That was just brilliant Siôn,
It made me laugh out loud :)
Denise x

mark said...

Loving the tripod work! Gammon!

matt cornelius said...

Mate, this video is wicked! Good work!

deb_skyskraper said...

Like it! But not gammon so much.