Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fit: A graphic design philosophy.

The pieces - These are 2 little designs I did, using the lyrics from the streets song. "Fit but you know it!" as my source of typography.

The reason - I personally think that these design styles are very nice, all these lines and typography nicely placed in a good constructed grid etc... but it's been done. It will be around for another couple of months, but the people who are on the top of their game should realise that these styles are old news, and have been for a while.

These are just the type of designs you need to create to get a feature on a graphic design blog. Its almost a case of, follow the rules and you'll get a feature, which in a way contradicts the whole reason of a design blog doesn't it?

In my opinion if your work is original and creative enough it should be put on a design blog - then you deserve a feature, but if you're just following the rules to do it, there isn't much point, because your losing your creativity within the design... I've seen some people design for this reason. Not cool.

The key to graphic design is being ahead - a bit like fashion, be different, creative and original because it's always changing and moving forward - I'm learning that quite a bit while studying at uni and working for Pentagon Design, and I hope when I graduate I gain the full understanding of conceptual thinking and originality.

Over and out - Sick.

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