Monday, 4 March 2013


Creating noise is 24/7 recently. I get like this sometimes. Almost obsessed with original noise rather than mixes too. Confidence has grown rapidly in linking the claps, but it's been set aside for personal creation. I'm shit but I refuse to give up. Lack of tools and idea sees me spend endless hours in front of a screen hearing the same loop repeat through MOS phones until it sounds good inside the skull. Regardless of praise from others or an impressive outcome, happiness levels rise with a posthaste uniform.

Disliking 'New Garage' has been a negative matter due to my hate for hipsters. They look like they need a wash and piss me off… Refusing to project as it makes a better person.

Hitler said:

"They will come in wearing their stupid outfits thinking they are cool, wearing denim shorts and f***ing woo-woo hair styles, shaved on one side. Christ all mighty will someone tell them what they look like?!… Like a one legged rabbit that's been hit by a f***ing Volvo… And they class themselves as f***ing cool! F***ing cool?… I'm f***ing cool. I like REAL deep house! Bunch of twats. I bet they don't even know who f***ing Derrick Carter is!… Or where the f**k the word House came from. These sheep don't have a f***ing clue about music, they just want to look cool."

Unfortunately he was right.

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