Friday, 15 February 2013

_Cutting Circles.

Toast has been cut but not into squares or triangles. Purchasing is discontinued. Home is home. Tivo is recording. Lack of upload is unsatisfactory.

Constant development at the core but lack of hours in the day to keep everything at a level of appeased equality. This troubles me with frustration. Moments of realisation that the concept of invisibility isn't real does the same. An attempt to keep those thoughts at a minimum is on a constant multistory effort.

Always wanting to better myself is a positive quality as well as a negative trait that comes at the price of self destruction. A cloud of irony is above the vicious circle of attempted improvement. The circle of repetitive content that sits on this particular Google server also sits along side the destruction halo, bringing the clear conclusion that progress in execution is at a standstill while strangely appearing as though there is constant development?… Mind Blowing.

Black Mirror is Nang. Charlie Brooker has laid the foundations of a compelling thoughts garden, the same way as Dan Millman has.

Persistently thinking causes lack of sleep. Creative minds must have higher stress levels. Constantly creating on a journey that never gets closer to the destination.

Try and live IN the moment. Be happy and that.

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