Monday 20 December 2010

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Here's the final draft for the book design - 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'.
While having a 'group crit' mixed with the second years of the course, it was easy to see that the competition was at a high standard.

One Hundred Years of Solitude' is a complex book that spans over the time period of a 100 years, with its central characters taken from the different generations of the Buendía Family.
Since the book is set in Columbia, I researched into the cultural art and landscapes of the country. These were good sources of information for me to come up with content for the project.

The outcome is a design showing a tree from the columbian jungle (where the story is set), to represent the family tree and the multiple generations and characters throughout.

The design shows a cross-section of a tree trunk with a palm motif (insipred by Columbian woodcuts) on it. This represents the seclusion of the family and the solitude that they lived in, while cutting themselves away from the rest of the world. My colour choice was chosen from key colour points within the book, a dark green for the lonely jungle they live in, and the yellow of the leaves on the tree that represents the death within the book. unfortunetly I didn't get the positive feedback I was hoping for, but I'm a strong believer that there is always room for improvement, and a designer that is arrogant enough to say that his work can't get any better than what it is, isn't a very good designer at all.

My next step is to take on board the feedback i was given to improve my work over the Christmas holidays, in order to submit my designs to the Penguin Design Awards.

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Sam0n said...

Im entering the competition for penguin so ive been looking for designs that have been done on the net, this is by far one of the best ive seen sor far, beautifully done